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Thank you to those members who were able to attend our recent "virtual" April Board Meeting. In addition to addressing several operations matters affecting the building, the Board designated officer roles as follows: President: Brad Bush, Vice-President: Adi Peery and Secretary/Treasurer: Rhiannon Franz.

Gate Code Change

For security reasons, the gate code at Gallery Lofts is changed on a quarterly basis.  As email with the new code was sent to all owners and known residents.  Please make a note of it and, if you have a tenant, let them know.

I once again remind you not to give this code out to any non-resident.  You should be giving them your personal 3-digit code to be entered into the intercom so you can let them in.  If the directory is set up to connect to your cell phone, you can buzz them in from wherever you are, even out of town.  You should always be aware when someone is entering the community to visit your unit or is there on your behalf.

Please pay attention to people walking in behind you and don’t let strangers into the complex.  If you order takeout, it would be a good idea to go down to the gate to accept delivery, rather than let them in to wander unsupervised.

Please exercise good judgment and a reasonable level of care to help keep our community safe. 

The next Gate code change will be July 1, 2020. You will be notified prior to the change.


Trash Room Etiquette

As a friendly reminder, items such as furniture may not be disposed of in the trash room and outside of trash containers. There is an extra cost to the Gallery Lofts for removal of these items by a maintenance vendor.  Additionally, all boxes should be broken down.

Thank you for your assistance in following the rules and keeping costs down.

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